FAQ for the 2020-2021 season

We know that this season will be like no other and as already explained the key theme for the 2020-2021 season will be patience. The situation is constantly evolving and changing and we will provide parents, players, coaches and managers with as much information as possible as we get it.

In the meantime, here is a small FAQ to answer some of your questions

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  • Will the season be refundable? If so until when?
    Please see refund policy on HMIP web site
  • Will there be tryouts?
    Yes, we will have tryouts stay tuned for more details.
  • How many players per team?
    10 plus 1 goalie, until we reach phase 6 of Hockey Quebec’s de-confinement plan.
  • When does the season start for single letters?
    Oct 10th (U15/U18) / Oct 17th (U11/U13) / TBC mid-November (U9) / (U7 + INI) No season but ice-times begin Sept 12th PN and October 17th for initiation
  • When does the season start for double letters?
    We are waiting on decisions from Lac St-Louis
  • Will there be real games?
  • Will there be referees?
  • Will parents be allowed in the arena?
    This will be up to each arena to advise of their protocol. As of today we can confirm that yes you will be permitted in to CDJ arena.
  • Will there be development sessions?
    We are working to see what we can offer (stay tuned)
  • Will there be gym sessions?
  • Will there be a fixed schedule like in the past?
    We will do our best to provide as much consistency as possible.
  • Will teams be allowed to fundraise? Will we be required to open a team bank account like in years past?
    For the time being there will not be any team expenses so no fundraising or bank account is necessary. Tournaments are not yet permitted. We need  to follow current government guidelines.
  • For Double Letter (Competitive) hockey will there be an additional amount to pay?
    Yes, as always playing double letter incurs additional costs. We will do our best to keep these a minimum and advise each DL team of the budget as soon as possible.
  • Will there be any call ups?
    In phase 5 of the return to hockey plan there is the ability to move kids so yes, we can have call ups as long as the 10+1 rule is maintained.
  • Will my child have as much as time as last season?
    We will try our best to give each child the normal amount of practices and games as in years past. Each child will automatically get more ice time since the teams are smaller by default, they will play more. Last year was an exceptional year and more ice time than usual was allotted due to our ice contracts.
  • How will it work in the changing rooms?
    Each arena will have strict guidelines as to how the changing rooms will work. There will be a minimum distance to respect and a maximum amount of time allotted to get ready. Some arenas have marked out clear “staging” areas to rotate the kids into as they get ready. We will share this information with you as it becomes available.
  • Why has the price gone up so much this season?
    In a normal season we put two teams of about 15 kids (30-32 kids) on the ice at a time but this season due to COVID-19 we are limited to 2 teams of 10+1 (22 kids) using the same ice as at the same price. So less kids to pay the cost means the need for more money per player to cover said cost.