HMIP COVID Update:  September 18, 2020

Hello Parents,

Thank you all for your cooperation these first few days and your feedback. We are adjusting to these new rules and trying to find the best way for everyone to stay safe and on the ice.

For a summary of rules please see the updated HMIP COVID Rules.

After our first weekend managing new COVID procedures, for the most part went well, however we want to remind all parents of the following rules that MUST be followed so we can remain operational this season.  


1.      All players and parents must do the Self Evaluation Form from Hockey Quebec BEFORE entering the rink. If you are unsure about a response, please ask us ahead of time (

2.      Limit of 1 parent or spectator per player only.

3.      Any player in M7 / M9 or M11 – Must come to the arena dressed (only missing skates, helmet and gloves).

4.      Any player M13 and up who cannot fully dress themselves or tie their own skates should also show up dressed.

5.      Each player must bring their own water bottle labelled with their name on it. No sharing of water bottles is permitted.

General Procedures:

1.      There is a limit of 2 adults in the dressing room at any given time, this includes coaches.

2.      If you show up not dressed (M11 and under) or require assistance from a parent, you will be asked to dress in the car or parking lot.

3.      Goalies are the only exception to the rule, and will be permitted to fully dress at the rink. For this reason, we ask that goalies arrive 10 minutes earlier.

4.      If you come partially dressed, you should leave partially dressed. Just remove skates, helmet, and gloves.

Rink Rules:

1.      Arena Cité-des-Jeunes

a.       Players can access the locker room 25 minutes prior to ice time; however, they will have only 15 minutes to dress. Once dressed, they must proceed to a designated waiting area 10 minutes prior to getting on the ice.

b.      There is a maximum of 6 players per room, and 2 adults (including coaches) which can be accessed by walking through the rink area and around.

c.       All other players can tie skates in the designated area in the stands. This is the bottom row of the stands and they are painted “purple” for easy identification. Once done, parents please take your child’s bag and keep it with you to allow room for others.

d.      Parents must sit in the stands behind the painted RED bench

e.      Once dressed, players must proceed to designated waiting area on the opposite side of the ice entrance (Zamboni side). This will allow the kids getting off to go to the ‘Purple” benches and not cross paths.

f.        When getting off the ice, please follow same logic to remove skates / equipment and exit following the arrows at the arena

2.      Valleyfield / St-Tims

a.       There is a max of 11 players per room and 2 adults (including coaches)

b.      The coaches can help tie skates. In instances where they can not, then a parent will be permitted in the room 1 at a time to help their child and leave.

c.       Players remain in room until other group has left the ice and coaches say “go”

d.      When the kids get off the ice, parents must REMAIN IN THE STANDS (or wait outside). Your child should be able to remove their own skates and come meet you. If they require more help than the coaches can give then again one at a time a parent can go and assist their child and then leave following the arrows towards the exit.

3.      Macdonald Arena

a.       We are still waiting on information on rules.

Additional information:  Hockey Quebec Intervention Guideline

For any questions related to COVID procedure, please email