HMIP COVID Update:  March 18th, 2022

HMIP strongly recommends all parents, players, and coaches to use common sense and avoid attending games or practices if you think there is a potential risk of transmitting COVID. Specifically, if you have been in close contact with a positive case. COVID still remains highly contagious, and a single case may result in an entire team forced into COVID protocol without the possibility of making up games.

Updated HMIP COVID Rules, created from combining Santé Publique, Hockey Quebec and our local arenas rules. All players, parents, and coaches are expected to comply with the policies listed below moving forward. 


  1. ALWAYS wear a mask in the arena and in the locker room (mandatory for ALL players, ANY age). Masks should only be removed when about to get on the ice and the helmet is put on.
  2. ALWAYS complete your Teamsnap Healthcheck BEFORE arriving to the arena.
  3. Vaccination passports are no longer required.
  4. Keep distance of 1 meter or more from other players (especially for unvaccinated young people)
  5. Everyone must have their own water bottle and towel. No sharing of equipment is permitted.
  6. If you cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow, DO NOT SPIT.

 Parents and spectators

  1. Spectators are permitted in the arena at full capacity.
  2. Vaccination passport is no longer required.
  3. ALWAYS wear a mask in the arena.
  4. ALWAYS complete the Teamsnap Healthcheck on behalf of your child BEFOREarriving to the arena.


  1. ALWAYS wear a mask in the arena and behind the bench.
  2. Masks are no longer mandatory while on the ice.
  3. A team leader (coach or manager) must arrive 1st(ahead of the team) and are responsible for validating TeamSnap Healthchecks are completed BEFORE allowing players into the dressing room or arena.
  4. Are responsible for ensuring players follow all HMIP and arena COVID rules.
  5. Coaches are free to get help from team manager or assistant coaches in managing these responsibilities.

 Our Arena Rules to know:

  1. Locker room time and space is at full capacity.

 COVID Situations:  

  1. Please consult  


  1. If a player tests positive, you must immediately inform your coach.
  2. If a player is in close contact, but not positive please consult:
  3. Returning from positive Covid case. If you have been given an isolation period, you must communicate those dates with your coach. Once you have followed the instructions from Santé Publique, including the isolation period, you are cleared to return and do not need to provide proof of negative tests.
  4. If you are waiting for a test resultHockey Quebec requires that you remain home until the test results are confirmed.
  5. If a player received an order to isolatefrom Santé Publique or school, you must comply and notify your coach or manager.
  6. If a player had school cancelled due to covid, but not mandated to get tested or isolate, you MAY still be eligible to play.
  7. Team Covid Protocol:HMIP will determine if exposure to a player with COVID warrants placing an entire team on COVID Protocol. Only then can HMIP confirm your schedule.


  1. Failure to follow COVID policies may result in individual or team suspensions upon a review by the HMIP board.
  2. Repeat offenders may be suspended for the remainder of the season or permanently banned from attending HMIP events.

For any questions, or if you would like to report non-compliance related to COVID procedures, please email

HMIP Board of Directors.